Are you ready to automate your business, simplify your marketing and create amazing customer journeys?

Hi, I’m Jennie, your Tech VA and Automation Specialist!

Specializing in all-in-one digital solutions, I’ll automate your customer journey, from initial lead capture to final sale, ensuring an effortless and intuitive experience for your customers.

All-In-One Solutions for your Business


Whether you’re using Go High Level or a white-labeled platform like FG Funnels, FEA Create, or Easy Peasy Funnels, I’ll work closely with you to optimize any of the following:


Platform Setup   •   Custom Integrations   •   Platform Migrations   •   CRM Setup and Management   •   Efficient Workflow Automations   •   Lead Generation & Nurturing   •   Conversion-Optimized Funnel Designs   •   Website Creation   •   Targeted Facebook Advertising

Online Visibility & Engagement


Enhance your brand’s online impact with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, leveraging the power of custom websites and effective landing pages to connect and engage with your audience:

Custom Website Development   •  Landing Page Design & Optimization   •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   •  Engaging Content Marketing   •   Lead Magnet Creation   •   Newsletter Development and Management

Automation & CRM Management

Streamline your business processes with effective automations, email marketing and CRM solutions. I specialize in creating systems that save time and increase efficiency, including:

Email Marketing Campaigns   •  CRM Customization & Management  •   Automate Workflow Setup  •   Business Tool Integrations   •  Process Optimization   •  Reporting and Analytics

Online Course & Membership Setup

Transform your knowledge into profitable online courses and membership sites. I provide comprehensive solutions to build and grow your online education platform:

Course Platform Selection & Setup   •  Membership Site Development   •   Content Structuring   •  Payment Gateway Integration   •  Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Start your journey to a successful online business with someone who’s genuinely invested in your success.

Customized Solutions Just for You:  I offer solutions that are specifically designed for your business. No general fixes here – just targeted strategies that match your unique needs and goals.

Expert in All-in-One Platforms:  I’m skilled in platforms like Go High Level, FG Funnels, and FEA Create. This means I can make these tools work wonders for your business, boosting your growth and saving you time.

Results That Matter:  My goal is to create strategies that really make a difference to your bottom line. It’s all about practical results that you can see and measure.

Continuous Support for Your Business:  I’m committed to your long-term success. By continually refining and enhancing your digital tools, I keep your business at the forefront of the online world.

Elevating Your Online Visibility:  With better SEO, engaging content, and great website design, I ensure people not only find you but also love what they see.

Making Your Business More Efficient:  I make things run smoother by setting up automated systems and managing your customer relationships. Less hassle for you, more satisfaction for your customers.

Transforming Your Expertise into Online Success:  If you’re looking to share your knowledge, I specialize in setting up profitable online courses and membership sites, transforming your expertise into a thriving digital venture.

Empowering Your Business with Every Step of the Customer Journey

I’m Jennie, a digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping service-based businesses thrive online.

As a wife and a mum, I understand the challenges of juggling multiple responsibilities while running a business.

That’s why I specialize in simplifying and streamlining your online operations, using all-in-one marketing tools such as Go High Level (or FG Funnels, FEA Create, Easy Peasy Funnels) to create a seamless customer journey from first click to final sale.

Digital Marketing
Photo of Jennie Stones, woman with shoulder length blonde hair, smiling

Let me help you:

    • Automate your marketing tasks and free up your time to focus on what matters most.
    • Create a cohesive customer experience that drives conversions and builds loyalty.
    • Craft a powerful online presence that showcases your unique value proposition.

Let’s work together to create an online strategy that aligns with your goals and transforms your business into a customer-centric powerhouse.

What They’re Saying

‘When I reached out to Jen, my content plan was a mess. She helped me to organize everything with a solid social media strategy and made it super easy for me to focus on my business rather than the tech details. She is an excellent communicator and always keeps me updated on her progress!

Martha Johnson

‘I needed to create a digital portfolio and time was of the essence. Jennie quickly arranged a zoom call with me and once I outlined my requirements she came back to me within 2 days with the finished product.  Jennie used her initiative and expertise to create a digital portfolio that was both professional and creative and I was delighted with the end result. Based on my experience I would highly recommend working with Jennie.’
Annette O’Shea
The Book Minder

‘Working with Jennie was so easy! She was so helpful in setting up my Facebook ad campaign, lots of tips and advice on how to tweak it and improve the text. She was great at communicating what she was working on and why it was useful for my campaign. Her attention to detail was so impressive, no stone left unturned! I look forward to working with Jennie again on my next campaign, and highly recommend you do the same.’
Lynsey Hanratty
Business Coach for female entrepreneurs

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